Energy Audits for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

If you are wondering how to save energy and save money, consider an energy audit. A commercial or industrial energy audit identifies how much energy a building uses and how it uses that energy.

A qualified energy auditor will identify energy efficiency and cost-reduction opportunities. A thorough energy audit can tell you how much to expect in energy savings and how much money you can save. (Read What is an Energy Auditor?)

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) defines three levels of energy audits. Newman Consulting Group regularly performs commercial energy audits at all of these levels on office buildings, industrial facilities, schools, hospitals and other institutions.

  • Walk-through Analysis (Level I)

  • Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis (Level II)

  • Detailed Analysis of Capital-intensive Modifications (Level III).

Newman Consulting Group also performs Preliminary Energy-Use Analyses (PEA) as well as targeted audits of specific systems or areas of a building.

Click here for additional information on energy audits and a detailed explanation of each audit level. 

At each level, NCG consultants provide a thorough report of findings, a recommended “to do” list, and tips and guidelines that will make the process of improving energy efficiency easier and more successful.

We routinely analyze utility bills to make sure companies are being invoiced correctly and at the proper rates.  We also analyze energy bills to compare EUI (Energy Use Index, kW/sq. ft./yr) for the EPA Energy Star Program Manager classification with similar buildings.

An energy audit can be the first step in applying for LEED certification for an existing building, or for applying to the Energy Star program.

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