Newman Consulting Conducts an Energy Audit of the UDM Steam Tunnel

UDM Steam Tunnel from Jim Newman on Vimeo.

Watch as the Newman Consulting Group team conducts an energy audit in the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) Steam Tunnel.

The UDM campus uses a District Heating and Cooling system with almost 8 miles of pipe throughout the campus. The energy audit examined the steam and chilled water piping, as well as the boilers and chillers in the thermal energy plant.

In the video, energy efficiency experts use infrared photography to show exactly where heat escapes the pipes and where there are opportunities to save energy.

Infrared photography even shows how pipes that had been replaced lose heat because the insulation was not replaced when the pipe was fixed.

The consultants also take a Heat Flux measurement. This tells exactly how much energy, in BTUs, is flowing out of the pipes in a particular stretch. 

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