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Who We Are - Bryan Sherman

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Bryan L. Sherman, CEM, MFBP, EBCP

Bryan Sherman is an Energy Engineer with more than four decades in the HVAC industry. He has proven success guiding sizeable, cross-functional teams in the implementation of construction design, build, operations & maintenance, and engineering processes required for high-rise class 'A' residential, as well as institutional and commercial facilities.

His focus is on delivering optimal Life Cycle Cost and Net Present Value, especially in the emerging area of energy efficiency for indoor agriculture. Sherman helps growers eliminate fungus, mold, spores and the need for excessive pesticides for indoor plant growth. He helps them maintain climate control while reducing energy use.

With his intrinsic understanding of the processes and the machines that drive them, he coined the term “Thermo-Economics.” He defines Thermo-Economics as “The art and science of manipulating the Psychrometric conditions of a space (e.g., Temperature & Humidity) with the best possible cashflow (i.e., Life Cycle Cost & Net Present Value), by considering the 2nd Law parameters (i.e., Energy Quality) of the available resources.” He designs environmental control systems using Psychrometrics and available technologies to efficiently and economically create spaces with optimal indoor environment.

A qualified service technician with an Engineering Degree, Bryan is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), a certified Multifamily Building Analyst Professional (MBAP) and a certified Existing Building Commissioning Professional (EBCP). He has been a presenter for several industry organizations, written several relevant articles, and has been recognized by ASHRAE for excellence in the field.

His forte’ is finding a way after all the experts say there is no way. 

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