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Commissioning, Re-Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning

Building Commissioning ensures systems work at optimal performance.


Commissioning is the process of ensuring that a building’s operating systems – mechanical, electrical, HVAC — are designed, installed and programmed for optimal performance. The commissioning process considers these criteria for each system:
  • Equipment is the right size for the building
  • Equipment is installed correctly
  • Equipment is calibrated for optimal performance
  • Settings match actual building usage (hours and occupancy)
Commissioning can also take place when new systems are installed to replace outdated equipment, or when there is a major addition to the building that requires significant changes in building operating and maintenance systems. Proper commissioning ensures that a commercial or industrial building will be energy efficient, in other words, will use the minimum amount of energy for maximum indoor comfort. 
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Wayne State University Administration Building Retro-commissioning Project


As soon as a building is operational, systems begin to wear. Even the most energy efficient, “green” building systems will start to go “gray” right away.

Recommissioning can take place sometime after the building becomes fully operational and once the building owner and operator have a more realistic picture of how the building is actually used in terms of hours and occupancy.

With recommissioning, the building operating and maintenance systems are examined and cleaned as needed, parts may be fixed or replaced, and systems reset as if they were being installed new.
Wayne State U. Admin. Building Energy Audit
An energy audit and retro-commissioning (RCx) helped the Detroit Historical Museum save money and energy.


A building that was never properly commissioned at the start can go through a retro-commissioning. The process is similar to recommissioning, but the building usually has been in use longer. For a building that was never properly commissioned, retro-commissioning offers the most benefit in terms of opportunities for cost savings and improving energy efficiency in commercial and industrial buildings, especially schools and hospitals because of how they are used.

With Newman Consulting Group’s commissioning, recommissioning or retro-commissioning services, we also educate the current building operating and maintenance staff on proper equipment use and maintenance. This helps ensure that systems will continue to run at maximum energy efficiency.

To find out about commissioning, re-commissioning or retro-commissioning your building to improve energy efficiency, contact Newman Consulting Group at contact@newmanconsultingroup.us, 248-626-4910, or use the contact form.

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