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Do you want to save money or flush it down the drain?

Saving Energy Saves Money

When it comes to saving money, there are often many hidden opportunities in energy and operating cost savings. Newman Consulting Group helps commercial and industrial business and building owners find those hidden, and obvious, opportunities, and then helps you find a way to justify with Return on Investment (ROI) or finance them.

We work with architects and engineers to design energy-efficient buildings that increase the value of owners’ buildings as well as enhance the productivity of the building occupants. Whether it’s new construction or existing buildings, we look at short and long-term cost savings as well as total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensure financial viability of energy conservation measures (ECMs).

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How We Save Energy and Money

Reducing energy costs can be achieved through many methods, including:

Click to see how Newman Consulting Group helped Wayne State University, the historic Whitney Restaurant, a hospital, a car dealership and others save money and energy. 

See how NCG helps  save money and energy.
Wayne State University Academic Administration Building Gets Energy Upgrade
The historic Whitney Restaurant used PACE financing for energy upgrades.

What Does it Cost to Save? 

In most cases, HVAC upgrades, new windows, redesigned lighting and other energy conservation measures will pay for themselves over time. Sometimes the payback is two years, sometimes it’s 10 or more, or anything in between. When paying for these measures out of Capital Expenditures is not an option, smart building owners turn to PACE Financing, Property Assessed Clean Energy. PACE helps foot the bill so the building owner can pay it back over time from the savings generated.

For more, see Financing Energy Upgrades.

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