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Green and Sustainable Practices:
How to Design a Healthier, More Profitable Building with Better
Coordination Among Architects, Engineers and Owners
Lawrence Technological University, March 2018


In March, 2018, Jim Newman was invited as a guest lecturer for a graduate class at Lawrence Technological University (LTU) in the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering. Here are some clips from his talk on "Green & Sustainable Practices: How to Design a Healthier, More Profitable Building with Better Coordination Among Architects, Engineers and Owners." Click on the video to see part of Jim's presentation. 

Build a Better Building – And Keep it That Way

Why do buildings lose up to 30% of their efficiency in the first three years of operation? A lot has to do with how they are built - and the rest is how they are maintained! For more information on maintaining energy efficiency long-term, see New Technology, Cloud-Based BAS Lead To Energy Efficiency and Paying for Energy Upgrades May Be Easier Than You Thought.

What Does Green Actually Mean to HVAC?

What does Green actually mean to HVAC? In addition to high efficiency systems, how else can you reduce energy use - and cost? Click the video. For more information on how to Green your HVAC, see Unexpected Benefits of Greening Your Building's HVAC System or HVAC Gains with No Budget Pains.

High Performing HVAC Systems Are The Key

What makes an HVAC system High Performing and how does that help the bottom line? Click the video to learn more. For more information, see Improving Productivity and Reducing Energy Cost: Why Do It and How To Pay For It

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Jim Newman and other members of Newman Consulting Group speak all over the world on energy efficiency, green building, improving productivity, sustainability and financing energy upgrades. Click the green button to inquire about having an NCG speaker at your next event. Click here for a list of popular presentation topics.

Let NCG Help You Transform Your Building into a High Performance Facility

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