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Transforming Older Buildings into High Performance Facilities

ASHRAE RAL CRC – Madrid, Spain, 2014

In Sept., 2014, Jim Newman, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, presented "Transforming Older Buildings into High Performance Facilities" at the ASHRAE RAL CRC in Madrid, Spain, to an international audience of industry professionals. Below Jim speaks on the "Benefits of Retro-Commissioning," the meaning of "Green" to HVAC, the "Value of Predictive vs Preventive vs Reactive Maintenance," and what happens when building systems go "From Green to Gray." He also takes audience questions at the end. Click on the videos to see parts of Jim's presentation.

What Does "Green" Mean to HVAC?

For more information on reducing utility bills, see Unexpected Benefits of Greening Your Building's HVAC System and HVAC Gains with No Budget Pains.

What is the Value of Predictive vs Preventive vs Reactive Maintenance?

What Happens When HVAC Goes from Green to Gray?

Audience Q&A

How to work with designers to prevent HVAC design from being too sophisticated for effective operations? How can ASHRAE provide additional training and support for maintenance staff? How do we get a better building envelope so we can utilize smaller systems?
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