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At Newman Consulting Group, not only do we stay on top of industry news and trends, we also write about them so you can be more informed. Our team regularly appears in green and sustainable building publications such as Building and Operating Management Magazine, The Construction Association of Michigan, Renewable Energy World and others.

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Jim Newman


SustainAbility: Connectivity. The Internet of Things (IoT). Controlling Costs
CAM Magazine (Construction Association of Michigan), September 2018 

New Technology, Cloud-Based BAS Lead To Energy Efficiency 
Building Operating Management Magazine, December 2017    

5 Ways to Kill Your PACE Project
Lorman Professional Continuing Education, White paper, July 2017

Making Green and Sustainable Design Really Work!
Lorman Professional Continuing Education, White paper, May 2017

5 Ways to Kill Your PACE Project
CAM Magazine (Construction Association of Michigan), March 2017 

¿Qué espera para hacer una auditoría energética? (Why are you waiting to have an energy audit?)
ACR LATINOAMERICA, Vol. 20, #1, February 2017, The Spanish Language HVAC/R & Building Automation Magazine, p 48-50. To read the original blog post in English, click here
Making Green and Sustainable Design Really Work: How engineers can work better with the architect so they can design and build a more energy efficient building and better serve the client
CAM Magazine (Construction Association of Michigan), November 2016 

Ask an Expert: Unexplored Potential In HVAC Systems
Building Operating Management Magazine, September 2013

Stop Wasting Money! How Building Owners and the Design and Construction Industry can Conserve Energy and Save Money with Low-Cost and No-Cost Fixes - and Improve IEQ at the Same Time
CAM Magazine (Construction Association of Michigan), September 2012 

Guide to Building the Case for Deep Energy Retrofits (Reviewer)
Rocky Mountain Institute, September 2012

Conserving Energy & Saving Money While Improving IEQ
American School & Hospital Facility Magazine, August 2012  

LEED EBOM Stress Test (Foreword)
LEEDuser, June 2012 

Four HVAC Gains - With No Budget Pains
Building Operating Management Magazine, January 2012

Doug Elbinger

Get Ready: Zero Net Energy Buildings Are Here, LinkedIn, May 2018

Construction Association of Michigan

Sustain | Ability: What’s All the Hype about Hemp? February 2019

Sustain | Ability: Great Lakes Home Performance, November 2018

Sustain | Ability: Building Automation Systems Revisited, August 2018

Sustain I Ability: Opportunity Knocks! The Effort to Improve Building Performance Begins in Michigan, Dec, 2017

Case Study: Sustainability at The Whitney Restaurant, November 2017

Case Study: Sustainability at Gardner-White, August 2017

Sustain I Ability: InSoFast! What? July, 2017

Profiles in Home Performance: Better World Builders, March, 2017

Detroit Firm Constructs the First 'Passive House' in Michigan, January, 2017

The SIPs Advantage: Why Use Structural Insulated Panels? September, 2016

The Benefits of Building Automation Systems, November 2015

Sustainability is Policy at Powers Distributing: A Case Study in Corporate Responsibility, July 2015

Renewable Energy World

The Hidden Genius of Geothermal HVAC Systems, February, 2016

Take a closer look: ICF’s offer ‘positive cash flow’ in Energy Savings, February 2015

The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA) Recognizes Leadership and Best Energy Projects for 2014, December 2014

Renewable Energy Contractors Benefit from PACE Financing, October 2014

Commercial PACE Takes Flight in Michigan, April 2014

Doug Elbinger, Energy Analyst, Newman Consulting Group

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