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HVAC and COVID, where Michigan schools stand

Tue, Feb 09, 2021 @ 01:05 / by Newman Consulting Group

Despite following CDC guidelines for social distancing and mask wearing, many schools lack proper protection for combating COVID. According to a recent article by Koby Levin on Chalkbeat.org, schools need to do more than supply PPE.

"Across the U.S., few schools have invested in systems capable of pumping optimal amounts of fresh air into classrooms," he writes. Based on a recent analysis of nearly 300 Michigan schools, "Many districts haven’t been able to afford the HVAC upgrades that would have helped them reduce the spread of COVID-19 in classrooms."

In addition to many high-level education and government officials, Jim Newman of Newman Consulting Group was consulted on the article for his expertise in Indoor Air Quality, energy efficiency and funding upgrades.

See the full article: "Many Michigan schools lack air filters that would help fight COVID-19"

Topics: HVAC, IAQ, indoor air quality, coronavirus, COVID-19

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Written by Newman Consulting Group

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