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LEED® Accreditation - Why it is important to your success!

Fri, May 27, 2011 @ 12:18 / by Janet Snyder

In 2003, I attended my first GreenBuild Convention, held in the new convention center in Pittsburgh, a very Green Building. At that convention there were approximately 4,000 attendees and less than 100 exhibitors. At the 2010 convention, only 7 years later - and in those distressed economic times - there were more than 28,000 attendees and almost a thousand exhibitors.

At the 2003 convention, one of the speakers stated that in the Pacific Northwest, an area that was involved in Green and Sustainable design projects earlier than most, A/Es and contractors who didn’t have LEED experience could not quote many of the Requests for Proposal (RFP).

Today there are RFPs being written in many jurisdictions around the country that ask for the respondent’s LEED experience – and some even want to know how many LEED Accredited Professionals are in their firm or associated with them. We have partnered with a number of A/E firms and contracting groups around the country because of our vast and varied experience in LEED projects. LEED is here to stay!  Not because it’s LEED – but because designing and constructing to save energy, to make buildings healthier and more pleasant to be in, to make the occupants of those buildings more productive, and to design for sustainability is not only the right thing to do but also positively contributes to the bottom line.

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Janet Snyder

Written by Janet Snyder

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