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Why Go to Greenbuild Conventions?

Tue, Nov 07, 2017 @ 02:59 / by Jim Newman

Jim Newman Previews Greenbuild 2017, Boston, MA, Nov 8-10

Greenbuild 2017.pngWhy do I go to USGBC Greenbuild Conventions?? Because during those conventions I learn more about the exciting things happening in the green building and sustainability industry than I can anywhere else.

If you have been to a Greenbuild Convention, you know there are great speakers, not only on the state of the “Green” industry and where it is going, but also how it is being used around the world. Go to Greenbuild so you can:

  • Hear new ideas, try new technologies, and discover new ways to help you do your job better
  • Learn about new certification systems such as WELL, LBC and others that make LEED® certification even better
  • Attend educational sessions and take green building tours
  • Visit the enormous exhibit hall with the latest and greatest products and services*
  • Meet and talk with people from USGBC, GBCI, LEEDuser and many other connected organizations
  • Attend the evening parties where you can have a good time and talk with people who are doing what you do all over the world

Some of the educational sessions I’d like to attend include Energy Efficiency and Profits, The Wellness/Energy Nexus, How to Recover your Investments in Sustainability, Data-driven Decision Making, How to Live Up to your Marketing Claims, Energy in LEED Today and Tomorrow, Cost-Justifying LEED Buildings to Skeptics, Creating Disaster-Resilient Housing, Reuse or Build New, and Selling Sustainability: 5 Principles of Persuasion, to name only a few!

There are more than 200 so it’s really hard to narrow it down. Most of the ones above are at the implementation or mastery level, but there are plenty of awareness and understanding-level sessions too if you’re new to the industry or want to expand into a new area. There definitely is something for everyone here.

*Tip: I always review the exhibitor list beforehand and decide which vendor booths I want to see. That way I make the best use of my time and can focus on those that really make a difference to my clients. I’ve found it’s the only way to get through an exhibit hall of more than 800 vendors in less than 6 hours!

If you belong to other industry trade groups, as I do, consider that I could write pretty much the same thoughts about the conventions of these other organizations.  It pays to be active in related organizations, both from a learning standpoint and from the social/business networking you can do with existing and potential clients.  You learn a lot that you can use in your business right away, personally and for your company, plus you gain a business advantage over others who are not at these meetings.  

It is time – and money - well spent.

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Jim Newman

Written by Jim Newman

Jim Newman's passion is helping us move toward a healthier and more secure future – for people and the planet.

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